The Apollo's Spartan Softball Team Welcomes You!!!

Who We Are

The formally known Phoenix Spartans now known as the Apollo Spartans founded and lead by Head Coach Edd Schommer and Assistant Coach Keith Nardecchia are an organization with in the CCSL (Cactus Cities Softball League). The Spartans are an established “C” division team, sister team to the “B” division Phoenix Trojans also founded and lead by Head Coach Edd Schommer, whom also is a player, filling the pitcher position with the Trojans. The Apollo Spartans are firm believers that in order to be a class organization they must show modesty in victory, graciousness in defeat, and pride in their effort. Sportsmanship is also considered to be very important as well, as is loyalty to the coaching staff and all team members and sponsors. And no matter how tough the competition gets, retreating would be an easy choice for them.  However, Spartans never retreat, Spartans never surrender, so go spread the word.                                                                    SPARTANS! PREPARE, FOR GLORY... (quoted off movie 300)


Please refer to event calendar to see any upcoming events and games.

Come out and support your Spartan’s!!!! Hope to see you there……..

How The League Works

The CCSL is a well recognized non-profit National League where divisions compete in order to win or clinch with in their division, a playoff spot and a chance to play in the World Series somewhere with in the United States (varies from year to year) to prove National Champions of the year much like MLB (Major League Baseball). Also through the year, there are several National Tournaments across the Nation where teams can participate if they choose to do so. By participating, teams obtain National rankings against those teams who participated. The League is also sponsored by big names like Coors Light, and Miller Light. Many teams are privately sponsored as well and are continually seeking new sponsors and softball players to participate in the League. If you wish to sponsor the League or a specific team or are interested in trying out for a team please contact CCSL at http://www.cactuscities.com/